I got married, before 25-but…

A while ago  I wrote a blog post, in response to someone who had given reasons why men should not marry women above the age of 25. This is how I introduced that article:

‘I am not yet 25. I will be 25 soon. I don’t foresee marriage on the table by the time I’m 25. I’m not a seer, I just prefer to get married later than 25, if I get married before 25 it will be a good thing. If I get married after 25 or way after 25 it should still be a good thing.’

He in simple terms degraded and ‘inhumanized’ unmarried women above 25. They were described as used and loads of other despicable thing. I did say I didn’t think I’d be married by 25 because certainly at that time there was no sign of such a thing happening.

I met a wonderful man and we got married shortly after.

Now, my friends have been on my neck saying my post inspired them to stay single yet I was planning to get married. Well the truth of the matter is nothing in my thinking has changed ever since I wrote that article.

  1. Marriage is a beautiful thing (that’s my sincere belief). It has to be entered in with someone you love and who equally loves you.
  2. Marriage before or after 25, 30, 35 is still marriage. What matters is being ready with the perfect person for you. (Not under-age that is, emphasis on this)
  3. Marriage of a young girl or boy before they have an idea of where their life is taking them, before they have assurance of understanding their dreams and aspirations, before they understand their bodies and before they have an education is unacceptable-for me at least.
  4. No human being is considered expired. So no woman should accept being told that because they are over 25 their value has diminished.
  5. If after 25, you have ‘sagging breasts’ etc, they are still breasts and belong to you. Body shaming is unacceptable.
  6. It is a lie that it’s only women who should ‘keep’ themselves ‘pure’ and ‘fresh’ for their husbands. I find men who brag about the number of women they have slept with contemptible. I equally find contemptible women who are impressed by such a trait in men.
  7.  Having someone to share your life with, dreams, aspirations, laugh with and love can never be underestimated. It’s a beautiful thing and certainly a blessing. When the time is right, have it, you will feel it and there won’t be questions about it.

Just in a few words


  1. You got married?! Congrats honey! I wish you happiness, love and great sex forever.
    Your post is spot on, there really is no formula to these things, but knowing who you are and being ready are the most important. 🙂


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