For the Lord

To the ardent followers of this blog, I apologise for my absence from this platform. It has not been in vain however. It is so that you and I can engage on a whole new level. I have been trying to get myself involved in many endeavors that will go a long way in widening my horizons.

I am happy to share with you that I am now part of YAFM as a news anchor, one of the radios licensed earlier this year in Zimbabwe. My former classmates at high school will attest to how while holding a newspaper, I used to mimic ZBC readers for them. Dreams do come true hey……

Prior to that I was drowned in media preparations for the Students and Youth Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SARSYC) held at the end of August. The thrust was to have a place where young people can discuss issues to do  with their sexuality and reproductive health. Do visit the website to get involved.

I have also been writing for Her Zimbabwe, please visit the website to read their engaging content and to also read some of my work there.

Why I dedicate this to the Lord is for the reason that I am thankful. Life after college is often hard. Very. My prayer to God was “Please make me find something to do after May when I complete my exams at NUST“. I asked God to invest in my talents and abilities and to stop me from idleness. He answered my prayers. And this is to say he answers us when we cry to him with ANY need.

I wrote this for thanksgiving and to say I am back as I have figured out how to juggle my schedule so we keep this relationship intact.

Just in a few words

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