Blame not the Vendor

Could not have said it better, surely blame not the vendor!

Ms. Resolute

I am not as thrilled to go to the city centre nowadays, I have to think twice. I have to try and map my way before I get there because there’s a lot of congestion in town, both from the cars and the people. The pavements have narrowed because most people have found a free space to sell their wares, vegetables, toiletries and all. It’s difficult to walk a few metres without rubbing shoulders with someone and you have to stand the sweaty armpits, cheap and expensive colognes all mixed together.

vendors vendors

I used to be angry with these people, angry because they make my walk miserable. I just wanted them to leave the city centre and go and sell somewhere. Whenever I saw the city council officials going after them and taking their staff I would think of them as being responsible, they were taking a part in retaining…

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One comment

  1. sure .blame not the vendor but the city council for making congestion in town. They should not take the vendors’ money if they do not have appropriate stalls for them


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