The Value of Forgiveness

Sometimes we make mistakes and we are wronged too.

We regret still fail and fail to forgive. But really what is life without those mistakes that make you appreciate what you have even more, what is life without that pain that teaches you to recognise pain, what is life if you do not shed the tears that enable your eyes to see clearly.

Pain is just but for a while, a little while can be five years plus or minus but no doubt when its gone you will know why it was there. When you eventually forgive you will know why you were angry.


You will appreciate the value of forgiveness to YOU not the other person who probably doesn’t care or know you are angry. When the tears are gone you will know why you shed them, that somehow it was a blessing in disguise.

You would have forfeited your dreams had you chosen the other path, you would have lost yourself in a life not meant for you and you would have turned up miniature of what is less than what you are.

Tomorrow will never be like yesterday… never has to be and you alone know how to change it….for you know what was and what could have been and maybe what could be.

Just in a few words

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