When I did not really speak in spiritual tounges.

A couple of years back, as a teenager (mmh someone is grown up), I visited my aunt in Harare for the holidays. At that time she was attending a Pentecostal church that had sort of invaded the continent.

So on a Sunday, we went to church and after the service, all visitors were asked to remain behind for a few minutes. We were asked if we could speak in other tounges and we all said we could not. There were eight of us; two were very prominent news anchors with ZBC TV.

So we made a circle, held hands and were told to pray, to pray until we spoke in tounges. I could not believe it. I wished I had not shown myself to be a visitor. I wanted to laugh, to run away and yet I wanted to see if it could really happen.

Picture taken from www.christianpublishers.org
Picture taken from http://www.christianpublishers.org

So we prayed.

And prayed.

The lady kept saying, ‘louder, louder…pray, pray, pray, just say anything…….!!

Wouldn’t it be beautiful? To speak in a language the devil could not understand. Knowing my prayers would not be blocked by the devil and his demons.

In less than five minutes, the guys from ZBC said they could now speak in tounges, I wanted to really laugh then because I could tell they were lying. Still, I really wanted to speak in real tounges.

After two sessions, I told them the tounges were not coming, so we prayed again, I was tiring now, then I began saying, ‘shikaraka shikaraka……..and told the lady it had happened.

They celebrated with me, prayed for me and I went home and prayed, told my mom later that night that I had spoken in false tounges and she laughed.

For the rest of the holiday, I made up excuses to avoid going back to church. Is it mandatory to speak in tounges? Is it not a gift of the holy spirit?


  1. Hahaha, I wish I could know who the guys from Nhau/Indaba are. Every time people discover I speak in tongues, they immediately dismiss me as a heretic. Maybe I am a heretic.

    During Christ’s earth ministry, no one spoke in tongues. Tongues only began forty days after he ascended when the Holy Spirit came as tongues of fire. Not burning tongues, rather fire droplets. The first tongues where known languages.

    When the apostles and early church prophets preached, people who believed often spoke in tongues. Scriptures are silent whether these tongues were known languages or not. It will be quite presumptuous to suggest either.

    However, in the Pauline epistles, we learn when we pray in tongues we do not know what we say, but equip the spirit. As a result, Paul testifies he prayed in tongues to charge his spirit and also with the words of man.

    There’s no scripture that says all believers should speak in tongues, rather we are all advised to desire after spiritual gifts. Paul told the church in Corinth, “I wish all of you would prophecy.”

    Unfortunately, spiritual gifts have been reduced to a mark of Christian maturity. They are not. God generously give them to believers that seek them as the Spirit wills. I might speak in tongues, you interpret or I bring the word of wisdom and you give the word of knowledge. Spiritual gifts are there to remind each other we have Christ in us and we need each other to build each other up.

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  2. Thank you VaSanganyado for engaging. Hahaha, I wish I could say out their names but I might get into trouble kkk. You are so right, there is this belief that a true Christian should have certain spiritual gifts, which I think promotes hypocrisy.

    I mean, its desirable to receive spiritual gifts, but its not desirable to use them to measure true or false Christianity. May we have the grace to understand that spiritual tounges are not for show-offs etc, a true and pure relationship with God is what counts.


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