Marriage, Education not everything. But most things.

The recently published statistics on how many young people are dropping out of school left me with a heavy heart.

Most are reportedly dropping out of school because of lack of funds, with the beam programme having been abolished.

I am even more disturbed by the number of young girls dropping out of school to get married.

I think of them all as my young sisters and this is a letter to them.

Education is not everything, your health, peace of mind and character matter.

But education is most things.

Education matters.

It is the one thing that no one will ever take away from you. It liberates the confines of your thinking, it opens new world views and opportunities for you.

Marriage is not everything, your happiness and peace of mind matter.

Marriage is a good thing. But let no one ever tell you you are too old to be single. Let no one pressure you into getting married.

There is everything beautiful about getting learned, giving back to the people that nurtured you and then starting your own life.

With an education you can keep hope in getting a job, or starting something that will generate income for you.

As a young woman with various needs, having  your hair done, your nails, your skin, your sanitary, your lingerie will not ALWAYS be at the mercy of someone else.

Your children will have a comfortable upbringing, because you are a woman, and women build and expand.

A man, who claims to love you today, may tell you tomorrow he no longer loves you. He may shut you out and chase you like a dog and make you look like you have excrement on your face.

While he loves you, love him back, love is a blessing.

But when he stops loving you, at least remain with something. His leaving you should not leave you both love famished and materially famished to the point of poverty.

May we have the courage to get married for love and not for financial comfort. May we have the courage to know that other great women out there have been through what we go through today.

May we arm ourselves with an education.

Just in a few words


  1. From experience and observation, I can testify to the importance of education. Having been abandoned by my father, my mother had to look for plan B for us to survive in Zimbabwe’s ever worsening economic crisis. Apparently, she had nothing liquid, though, at least she had her O’ Level certificate,a starting point, I can say, for a 50 year old. To cut the long story short, she finished her diploma in education…. the rest you already know

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    • Mate we thank God for the fact that your mom defied the odds at her age to make you guys comfortable. May we all have the courage to go out of our comfort zones like your mom did. With an education we do not have everything, but we have many things.


  2. What a powerfull observation Vimbie,marriage is not everything so why the rush.Age does not matter ,finding the right person matters at a time you want matter.Even if it takes one 40 years to get the right one so be it.Lets grab education because it ensures that we get all the love ,respect and honour when we eventualy get married at our own whenever we feel that we are ready.If i was asked to chose between education and marriage,i would definately go for education becoz its a life tyme investment which cannot be taken away by anyone

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