What Culture?

We live in a world that is constantly changing due to new discoveries, advancement in technology, new knowledge and so many things I believe. I

In this regard our culture is constantly changing; the things that we call culture are constantly going under repairing of some sort.

I find it quite disturbing when people in society dismiss grievances, harmful practices and injustices by simply using the world culture.

What is culture anyway?

If we have managed to stop living the way our ancestors lived 100 years ago why can we not accept that culture is dynamic?

I personally refuse to conform to cultural practices that I feel uncomfortable about, cultures that make me feel less of a human being, those that sort of tries to conform me to what I feel is not befitting of me.

While today I do not intend to go deep into such cultural practices that young girls and women, young boys and men are told define them or make them more human, I would like to say it is necessary to be flexible for progress to be attainable in society.

There is no harm in accepting that young people are now sexually active way before they get married. The focus thus should shift more on helping them make decisions that allow them to remain in charge of their health.

While the gospel of abstinence cannot and should not be abandoned, there is a need to accept that the gospel is probably being preached to individuals to which it is not applicable.

There is no harm in accepting that young girls and women are now more interested in career advancement as a primary goal than marriage. Thus there is absolutely no need to pressure them to get married or make them worry more about their bodies (elongated labias, big buttocks) and such other things more than worrying about if they will be able to feed their families.

There is no harm in teaching young girls that a man who marries them is lucky too and not that they are very lucky to have been married. Thus there is no need for girls to be accepting of everything thrown at them by men, thus they can never allow themselves to be doormats as their worth is not lost on them.

It definitely is harmless to get away from stringent and hardliner stances that are harmful to emotional health, physical health and material wealth.

May we have the ability to be uncompromising where it matters, and accept other view points where old practices have failed; thus may we have no fear to change.

Just in a few words

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  1. Thanks for the post Vimbai, very true on so many levels. We cannot let opportunities pass us by because we are in the comfort zone of an outdated ‘cultural’ practice. Preach sister, preach!


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