Our Utopia (Women)


In celebration of international women’s day I took time to reflect on the things that matter to me as a woman and I suspect for several other women too. Issues that we fantasize about, and often times wake up to make a reality.

A world where women are not discouraged to aim higher academically. One where, being highly educated is not condemnation to undesired spinsterhood. One where a real man is identified by the ability to propel the woman in his life for greater achievements.

A world where from a young age, the girl and the boy child are treated equally. Where they are both allowed to cry when it hurts. To be tough when it’s called for. One where both can cook and do the gardening without feeling out of their skin.

A world where a young boy is not beaten or laughed at for coming second best to a girl. A world where both children are taught to be the best in everything they do regardless of the biological organ they are endowed with.

A world where abstinence is taught equally to young men as well as women. Where the world appreciates that loss of virginity (sexually) is achieved through the efforts of both men and women.

A world where women can dress the way they want without worrying about ‘moral police’ who sexually harass them on the streets. This video by the first lady of Zimbabwe, Dr Grace Mugabe telling these men to ‘stop it’ is worth watching.

A world where a woman who has been abused sexually is not subjected to further abuse by society by being blamed for the abuse.

A world where young men are taught to respect women, and treat them like queens, one where women respect their men, as kings, without being doormats.

A world where failure to conceive is not solely blamed on women.

A world where marriage is not the highest attainable achievement for women.

A world where women do not humiliate themselves and fight over men that often do not give a hoot about either of them.

A world that tags everyone as beings and less as woman or man.

Better yet, a world where men and women live cordially together. One where we function as one unit. Knowing we need each other and do better and more together than away from each other and against each other.

Just in a few words

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