For Gertrude

I remember the year 2004 when we met for the very first time at Plumtree Boys High School for the Provincial Public Speaking competition.

I remember again three years later how our paths intersected at Maranatha high while we attempted to crash our Ordinary level suffice to say we had a good laugh about Plumtree. About your “Dreams” impromptu speech.

“Then I will be driving my car and my friends cheering me up on the sideways, go , go ,go Gertrude. Go, go, and go, Gertrude.”

I still laugh thinking about it, that part I will never forget because you had us all in stitches and I cannot forget the people who give me a good laugh.

Today, eleven years later we have totally different stories to tell. We have grown up in many ways and have fought many battles.

We have shed tears together and away from each other and have still shared the tear shedding stories. (hahahahahaha)

We have heard many triumphs, talk of pursuing an education, pursuing other loves outside the conventional education, love, family and so on and so forth.

Talk of your novel that I read back to back and accused you of being too white for having blue-eyed characters.

The poems

Your ever blonde hair.

Not my favourite pic of us but one appropriate for today......
Not my favourite pic of us but one appropriate for today……

Deliberations on the feminist discourse, and whether we fit to be part of such complex enigmatic school of thought.

The sleepovers where we talked (and still do) about evil and good ; share what we want to do and what we have done, reveal our innermost desires and black secrets.

Today we are in the process of counting-down to the birth of the little one you are carrying in your womb, I on the other hand googling the proper role of a godmother.

It seems so unreal yet it is there- that life has moved this fast and that there is no going back.

May you in this time:

Find the strength to pave your own way

May you be able to listen to the voice-that of God, when it speaks to you.

May you never give up on what you have started, may the dreams remain in place.

May you not be afraid to love, the way you want and the way the love feels

May right triumph over wrong in your life, today, tomorrow and forever.

Above all, this particular blog-post is dedicated to you to remind you especially at this time in your life, not to be afraid to forgive.

Not to be afraid of apologies. They do not make you weak, but a much stronger person.

Not to be afraid to dance till dawn and sweat it out. The baby will be fine.

Just in a few words

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