Of Courage

“I got married at the age of 16. I had to drop out of high school after I got pregnant. I discovered after getting pregnant that my knight in a shining armour had been married to another woman for over five years and had two children with her. I also learnt that it was not the first time for him to cheat on his wife.”

This is the story of Chido*, and many other young girls in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world over. Despair over falling in love with the wrong people at the wrong time.

Despair over not having the courage to say no to sex until possibly the right time (whenever that is).

Despair over the failure to make informed sexual decisions and having to forfeit dreams to become mothers, wives, daughters in law, sometimes to people that do not even appreciate you or wish to see you.

We need the courage to say NO, when it matters.


The courage to make selfish decisions that will eventually benefit us in the long run. I mean young girls often find themselves in the love trap (if ever it is love). Your power to make decisions is obscured by the love you have for someone who might not even care about you.

We need the courage to appreciate that our lives are our own. The creator gave us those lives to value them, he gave us the ability to be fruitful and useful while we are here on earth.

So when we live our lives trying to please other people , risking everything for people that might not even appreciate our efforts. Pursuing other people’s dreams other than ours then we may as well tell God to take away his gifts and life.

We should have the courage to rise above feelings and emotions and instead choose to do what is ‘right’.

The courage to love without reserving the right to be selfish when the need arises.

Chido could have chosen to wait before getting involved sexually or if she felt she was old enough to be sexually active then she could have chosen to protect herself. She did not.

May we therefore have the courage to face the consequences of our mistakes.

May we therefore have the courage to forgive our mistakes and rise above them.

There is always a chance at redemption.

Chido went back to school. Got a degree and a good  job. Today she is a married woman, staying in what we normally call the leafy suburbs.

Chido mastered the courage that most of us women often forfeit after a knockdown.

May we be courageous enough to value ourselves. Make ourselves visible by leaving a mark of courageous deeds here on earth.

May we have the courage to say NO! to the people that want to drag us down. No, to decisions that come in the way of progress. The courage to love ours

elves and each other without being agents of failure.

Just in a few words

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