Olivia Pope

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“I don’t want normal, easy, and simple. I want painful, difficult, devastating, life changing extra-ordinary love, don’t you want that too?” (Olivia Pope)

These are the words of Kerry Washington in Scandal in her role as Olivia Pope. Her words to a man who undoubtedly is mad about her, head over heels to be precise. A man, who engages her twice, gives her his grandmother’s ring (so sweet).

Yet she can’t commit to him because she loves another man. A man who equally loves her but can’t be with her. A man that can never be hers. A married man who has to preserve a clean moral standing.

In this video we see her lashing at the man who loves her and wants to be with her after he suggests she is the President’s mistress.

I love her. Olivia Pope. Ok at this point let us not talk about media construction or vice-versa. Let’s not even bother about reality vs utopian fantasy. Let’s just deal with what is there…..Olivia Pope.

She is a smart woman, with many ideas, earth-breaking ideas. She fixes and destroys and fixes again.

I am a late laggard, a P1 when it comes to actually watching the latest movies and series. So I just begun watching Scandal, I should say, am way more impressed than I thought I would.

The story line is so captivating. Even more so, because at the centre of it is a woman. An intelligent woman for starters. A gladiator in a suit. A fixer.

One who looks healthy and ok, I mean she is beautiful in many ways. She is your conventional kind of woman, fair skin, ‘right’ weight, nice legs and has powerful men drooling. (Strictly according to stereotyped standards)

That aside. She is in love. Not only with a President but a married man. She does have unmarried suitors willing to dive on hard rock for her yippee! but she’d rather have Mr President.

In this aspect of Olivia we get to see the stereotypical narratives about smart women’s affinity for married men. Not to talk about black women, I don’t want to bring up the race card, not today.

Despite these narratives I find myself inevitably drawn to Olivia. I do not envy her much but I really like her.

She has a conscience and again I will say in love. She messes up and tries to fix her mess. Talk of agreeing to be part of an election rig so the man she loves could be President. The failure to allow logic not to be overcome by emotions.

Most women are like that when in love. We might not rig elections for the ones we love but we do a lot more. Letting the men in our lives virtually take over. Allowing them to feature in every future plan even though sometimes we are not so sure as to our availability in their future plans.

She sort of gets back at people who mess up with her yet I think she has a heart of gold. I mean sometimes its ok to wish to get revenge. It’s only normal to what to dance on someone’s grave when they virtually tear your heart apart. But it’s a better normal when we forgive, get over it and move on!

She cries. Which I think is good. I mean the woman has the messiest personal life according to many standards and I think it’s good for us to see the gladiator crying. It makes her real and surreal still.

She might not be quite exactly the model of what most women aspire to be, but we can’t be blamed for finding her attractive. And for wishing to pick a few things from her, like emotional maturity or is it unavailability?

As I progress, I will keep you posted on my two cents on Pope.

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