Yes we are hopeful

About a year ago I travelled to the rural town of Lupane on Varsity business, I remember planning to sleep all the way back to Bulawayo. A certain gentlemen who identified himself as Sibanda was my companion on the way back. He is a marketer. I am a journalist in the making. So nobody slept. Out of the many interesting questions he asked me, one keeps pulling at the hem of my mind and has compelled me to write this.

He asked me if we are a hopeful people. If in general we are a people with hope. I said yes, of course, because it made sense to say so. I even explained a few things that made me make sense out of the unquestionable omni-presence of hope within and amongst us. I have had more time to ponder on this and have come to the conclusion that we indeed are a hopeful people.

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Hope, that state in which we believe there is something good and better beyond our present state is the state we always find ourselves in half of the time…no matter the situation.  I believe we have two conditions of hope, the conscious and the unconscious. There is the person that is aware of the fact that they are hopeful and the one that is unaware of their state of hope but are hopeful nonetheless. Only maybe the conscious man appears more hopeful.

We are a hopeful people because we push ourselves to live each day.

We do what we do each day with the hope it will give birth to something else. We wake up, go to school, work in the fields, offices ,in the mines  wherever we go-it is with hope that we can live beyond that. That it is a means to get somewhere, someday.  We believe we will be there when that someday comes.

No matter how many people die each day, Dear or not so dear to us, Gruesomely or peacefully. We, the people that remain continue to strive on. We continue to build, buy and plan for the future.  We do not mourn forever or wait for our own deaths. For our hope is in the presence of life beyond the present.

Our hope is not in question when we continue to love even when it makes little sense to. We are hurt, disappointed and harbor bitterness. Those things whither away eventually. We love and trust again..even better than we did before. For hope in a better state for tomorrow conditions us. For hope that this time it will be different fuels us.

We are a hopeful people. When we elect our leaders and they disappoint us we do not refuse to elect new ones because we have had a series of disappointments. We continue to elect, with the hope that this time it will be different…and thus we live on.

When we are afflicted with disease we live on. We run in search for solutions. We incur huge debts over medical expenses in the hope that we shall be well. In the hope that after we are well we shall pay back what we owe.

Therefore I am tempted to say hope is inherent. A gift from God. Hope is life. Without hope, we are empty, lifeless and simply irrelevant. Yes indeed, we are hopeful.

Just in a few words

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