Phenomenal Woman


The search for a dictionary definition of phenomenal gave me this,”highly extraordinary or prodigious; exceptional”. A phenomenal woman is therefore a woman of good character. We often have those silly arguments of how good and bad are often subjective, sincerely I believe in our hearts we know good and bad. We feel good and bad, we distinguish them almost in the same manner.

Celebrated communications guru Strive Masiyiwa recently shared on his facebook page how character is crucial to keep you at the top when you get there. A phenomenal woman always gets to the top. She needs the right character to sustain the achievements that come through because of God, her talents and hard work.

A woman of good character begins by working towards honesty. Honesty does not always give us what we want out of life but I believe it sincerely hands over to us what we are entitled to. We may lie and achieve short term goals but in the long run, lies burn our souls.

Lies question everything else that comes out of our mouths. Lies beget more lies and taint our characters. When we tell the truth, we do not have to attempt to remember what we said. A phenomenal woman is not afraid to tell the truth no-matter the costs, she does not manufacture lies to hurt other people. Her love is visible in her honesty.

A phenomenal woman is patient. Patience is a struggle for many people, man and women alike. It’s so easy to want to carry out a plan of action when God and people appear to be dragging. However, this woman is patient with people. She gives them chances. She believes in people who are willing to be believed in. She waits to listen and hear the voice of God.

This woman laughs. Through her tears, sorrows and griefs. Even louder in her joy, achievements  and in the presence of those whom she loves. Her laughter is genuine. It’s sound warms the heart. Her laughter is the reason why those who stay with her stay. It s infectious and wipes away sorrows.

She gives. She is generous. She gives love, to those who need it and do not. Her fire is not burned out by those who fail to love. She loves them still.

She is confident. In herself, in her abilities, in her talents and dreams. She cultivated confidence in people and builds their souls. She is nobody’s doormat. She knows who she is and is fearless.

You may write me down in history

With your bitter, twisted lies,

You may trod me in the very dirt

But still, like dust, I’ll rise. (Maya Angelou)

Just in a few words

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