Feminine Feministaz

So being a media studies student I have a lot to study around gender related issues, feminist theories, the male gaze, raunchy culture, popular culture and so forth. Now in my class we have this habit of attaching an individual to an issue.

If we talk spirits we identify someone that is spiritual or we believe has ‘spirits’. When we talk sex we identify someone who we think is ‘sexual’, and naturally when we talk feminism, my name always pops up, and when guys attack women they often address me. Cute

I have spoken a lot about feminism, to different people, written about it too in an earlier installment of this blog. Today I want to identify myself as a feminist, but in my own terms.

I refuse to identify with feminist waves because I think they are too rigid. I refuse to even identify with the different schools of thoughts for the same reason.

I call myself moderate. For I believe moderation gives room for growth and for learning.

There are many women like me I believe who have this conservative view on feminism. I mean I hate radicalism and believe it is dim…in most things.

I believe in equality on deserving grounds. I do not believe a woman should succeed mainly because she is a woman. But her abilities in the things that she does should propel her further.

I have girlfriends that do the perceived ‘man’s’ jobs. Working in mines, underground, coming out dirty and their gender not quite clear in the not so cute overalls.

I know of guys that can’t get away from the kitchen. Always on one recipe or the other, without the slightest hint of being homosexual.

Being a feminist means I am still a woman. And no way under the sun shining do I ever harbor ambitions of being male, like a male, grow male organs or even have the physical strength that most men relatively have (fact).

In as much as I love flat shoes for practical purposes being someone who is always running around, I love heels, for the sheer femininity they embody. I love jeans for the same reason and yet for my Sunday best I do wear my dresses.

Because I have no lashes….I always have my liner on my accessories and some red lipstick too.

Striving and aiming high should not cause one to neglect their appearance. A need to venture into so called male territory should not take away your womanhood.

Feminism for me is embodying your womanhood the way you perceive it and want it. It is not about looking, behaving and acting like a man.

Being a Christian has also influenced my views on feminism in general. While religion is often perceived as one of the greatest infringements on women’s rights I choose to stand firm and declare God never wants anyone to be a doormat. His intentions are good for all who believe and trust in him.

So I remain a happy feminist, who wants a strong man to carry her when she drowses on the couch, ‘wekuyemera’ like Tuku put it and say my legs won’t carry me.

Here’s is to feisty, womanly feministaz

Just in a few wordsfeminists

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