Honesty is ok, really it is…

So Matthias Mhere’s wife cheated on him. A man who sings the gospel and whose music has had some of us in deep spiritual somethings. This goes to show that we all face problems, with or without Jesus.

And then we have some people busy trumpeting Susan (his wife). When a man cheats its ok. When a woman cheats all choirs sing “abomination”…FOR WHAT!

We are all human beings with the ability to make decisions despite the organs we carry. Man or woman, cheating is despicable and when things have failed to work out there is no need to pretend, there is honour in loving truly and letting go truly.

Nonetheless, we cannot judge Susan. Nor can we judge a thousand other women who cheat and a million men who do the same. If you have never cheated it is easier to condemn, if you have cheated, quite frankly you know better.

If you have not cheated and never want to and do not believe in it; then maintain your self respect. The desire to be true, keep. The need not to give half baked love, pursue and maintain. There’s something extremely beautiful about honesty, even when you give it to people that do not deserve it.images (2)

There is something that purifies your heart in knowing you play fair when others do not. There’s a serenity achieved in knowing you are not a cheat, liar, traitor and two faced.

So even when you continue to get half baked deals, there is an inner strength in the belief that you have set the bar right up and you will get what you deserve in the end no-matter what, no-matter how long it takes.

There is little consolation in getting cheated on when you are used to cheating. You probably wonder if karma is paying you a visit.

There is little strength in you to condemn unfairness when in all you do and when your whole operating system is written “FRAUD FRAUD”.

To all my sisters and brothers there is honour in playing fair. If not in the sight of the world, then for your own self respect. For the inner man. For the God that watches and sees. For karma.

And then maybe I’m wrong, but I reserve the right to be wrong.

Just in a few words

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