Nothing happens for Nothing

I still await a confirmation from somewhere that will tell me that things just happen for the sake of happening. I simply do not buy it. Things, all things happen for a reason. What remains unclear is whether for past or future reasons. I really can’t say and at this point can’t care much.

When I completed High School I so wanted to go to Cyprus International University. I mean almost everything was in place and unfortunately or is it fortunately? It never worked out. I was going to probably study International Relations. I instead took a gap year and went to NUST and did Journalism and Media studies.

In high school I was already a journalist without knowing it. Yet after school I was a tad bit unsure about what I was going to do, when I began this course it dawned on me that this is what I should be doing, I just did not know what to call it. I have no regrets.

Being at NUST meant being in Zimbabwe. I met people along the way that opened my eyes to what life really is. I mean at times I would say had I gone to Cyprus this wouldn’t have happened, but today am glad for the life I have and remain thankful to God.

I chose or was chosen by a career path that fulfils me, excites me, propels me to be more and does not wall me up.

To the sisters out there people enter and exit your life for a reason. I can give various theories that I often debate in my mind. But that’s for another day.

Some people are never meant to be part of your destiny. If you are a believer like me there are some people in your life who often come to destabilize what is supposed to be an awesome future.

Yes am talking boys. Have you ever had that guy who you think his aim is touch his ears, nothing less and nothing more. The kind of guy that makes you worry that maybe your dreams are far too fetched. The one that you worry about leaving to far behind and you end up making circles around your ambitions…should I….should I not?

When a destiny is yours and the enthusiasm is there such people are snatched away from you. It’s often ugly, snatching isn’t sweet after all. Healing however comes with the acknowledgement of why such people did not last in your life.

It comes with the knowledge that what is truly yours enters and does not exit. What belongs to you does not make excuses for not being there, even better what the Lord has sanctioned for you is life long.

I’m a tad bit mythical about things in general. I believe you get what you deserve. I do not buy the ‘some people make it though they do not work for it’. More often they never enjoy it, mind you, you can never know what they go through to have to enjoy that.

The woman of virtue is accepting and yet a fighter. She does no stay one place for long. She rejects regret. She rejects the past when it turns its ugly head. She picks lessons from mistakes and all that happens in life. Even better she does not compromise her standards for acceptability.

She is smart. She picks the reason for why something has happened. Fixes it, if the reason was for her to learn. She never stops learning. She cries but never stops laughing. For everything happens for a reason, a woman of virtue seeks the reason and gives it the attention it requires.

Just in a few wordsimages

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